Going Online!

What You Need For Online Lessons: Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Guitar, Voice

To get the most out of your online music lesson, here are some suggestions of what you’ll need to set up.

A Video Calling Platform

We will be sending you a link to download Zoom to join your lesson.  If there are any problems or you would prefer skype just let us know.

Good Internet Connection

If you can, plug straight into your modem or be very close to it to avoid delay.

Where to put your Camera?

For piano students please position your laptop or iPad to the side so that your fingers, keyboard or piano and your face can be seen.

For GUITAR/ CLARINET/ SAX/ VOICE  – Please position yourself facing the camera with your instrument and fingers and face in view.


We highly recommend using headphones for all lessons.

A Music Playing Device

Because of lag issues, your teacher won’t be able to accompany you during the online lesson.  If you would like to play or sing with a backing track, it’s a good idea to have a separate music playing device that is different to what you are using for the video call.   A speaker to connect your music device to will also help.

Sheet Music, Lyrics to Your Song

Have your music book ready for piano, clarinet and guitar.  For voice you can use an iPad or phone for lyrics,or print them out before hand.  You can subscribe to Scribd, or just use sites like AZ Lyrics.

A Music Stand

For guitar, clarinet, saxophone and voice students to put your music or lyrics on.