Nick Lee

Nick is a guitarist and composer. He graduated from the Australian Institute of Music in 2018 with a Bachelor of Music Performance. He has since gone on to compose music for film, theatre, ballet and video games as well as producing music with local Melbourne artists. Nick has a background in Jazz and specialises in contemporary-style guitar playing. Much like the Jazz style itself, Nick’s teaching philosophy emphasises the importance of self expression. He believes that it is crucial to know what students want to learn and what it is about music that drives them. This way he can not only make lessons fun and engaging but also relevant to each individual student. Having played and taught guitar in many different styles of music including Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, Classical and Swing, Nick has been fully immersed in playing, teaching and listening to music for many years. He has also maintained a strong focus on music theory and aural ability; with the personal mantra of “Read it, write it, hear it, play it” always at the forefront of his practice.